Typescript Installation & environment setup

Before we dive into TypeScript, we need to install the required tools and dependencies. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install TypeScript and set up our development environment. We will learn how to Install and run typescript in windows.

To run typescript, we need to install

  • Typescript compiler
  • Code Editor

Installing Typescript

The Typescript is installed using the npm package manager or NPM. It is a default package manager for Node.js and is installed when the Node.js is installed.

Download & Install NodeJs

You can download and install Node.js from downloading it from the official website https://nodejs.org/.

Once you install the Node, you can install the typescript compiler using the following command from the command prompt

Install TypeScript Compiler
Installing TypeScript Compiler

Installing Visual Studio Code

Next, we will need a Code editor. You have many choices here. For this tutorial, we will use Visual Studio Code.

You can download it from the official https://code.visualstudio.com/download

Download and install visual studio code

That’s it.


Installing Typescript compiler is as easy as installing an npm package. In the next tutorial, we will build a simple Hello World program to get started with TypeScript.

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