JavaScript Tutorial

This JavaScript Tutorial covers the world’s most popular language JavaScript. Javascript is the scripting language we use to make web pages interactive. It is written in plain text on the HTML page and runs in the browser. Modern JavaScript evolved so much that it can run on the server side today. We use it along with HTML & CSS and power the entire web. 

Before you begin


This Tutorial is intended to help a newbie or beginner programmer get started with JavaScript. 


This Tutorial expects that you have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Programming basics, and an understanding of object-oriented programming concepts. It will help you to make the most of this JavaScript Tutorial.


In this section, we introduce you to JavaScript

  1. Introduction to JavaScript

Getting Started

This section shows how to start with JavaScript. We start with building a simple hello world example application. We will learn the basic syntax and rules and learn about identifiers and naming rules. etc. Later we look at what variables are and how to declare variables using let, var, and const.

  1. Code Editor
  2. JavaScript Hello World Example
  3. Syntax and Rules
  4. JavaScript Identifiers
  5. Keywords & Reserved Words
  6. JavaScript Variables
  7. Constants in JavaScript
  8. Let, var & const
  9. Data Types in JavaScript

Data Types

String Data Type

  1. JavaScript String
  2. Template Strings & String Interpolation
  3. Tagged Templates
  4. String to Number

Number Data Type

  1. Number Data Type
  2. NaN in JavaScript
  3. Min, Max & Safe Values
  4. EPSILON & Floating Point Precision
  5. Infinity

BigInt Data Type

  1. BigInt
  2. BintInt Vs. Number

Boolean Data Type

  1. Boolean Data Type

Special Data Types

  1. Undefined
  2. null
  3. null vs. undefined

JavaScript Operators

  1. JavaScript Operators
  2. Arithmetic Operators
  3. Unary plus (+) & Unary minus (-)
  4. Increment & Decrement Operators
  5. Comparison or Relational Operators
  6. Strict Equality & Loose Equality Checker
  7. Ternary Conditional Operator
  8. Logical Operators
  9. Bitwise Operators
  10. Assignment Operators
  11. Nullish Coalescing Operator
  12. Comma Operator
  13. TypeOf Operator
  14. Operator Precedence

Flow Control Statements

  1. If, else if & nested if statements
  2. Switch Statement
  3. While & Do While Loops
  4. For Loop in JavaScript
  5. Break Statement
  6. Continue Statement


  1. Javascript Arrays
  2. Array Constructor
  3. Dense & Sparse Array
  4. Merging / Joining Arrays
  5. Array Methods


  1. Functions in JavaScript
  2. Function Arguments & Parameters
  3. Default Parameters
  4. Pass By Value & Pass By Reference
  5. Function Expression
  6. Nested Functions
  7. Immediately-invoked Function Expressions (IIFE)
  8. Callback functions
  9. Arrow functions
  10. Arguments Object
  11. Rest Parameters


  1. Objects in JavaScript
  2. Create Objects in JavaScript
  3. Object Properties
  4. Computed Property Names
  5. Object Literal
  6. Constructor functions
  7. Delete Property & Delete Operator
  8. hasOwnProperty
  9. Setters & Getters
  10. DefineProperty
  11. Property Descriptors Enumerable, Writable & Configurable
  12. Object Destructuring

Scope, Scope Chain, Lexical Scope & Closure

  1. Scopes in JavaScript
  2. Hoisting in JavaScript
  3. Lexical Scope & Closure
  4. This in JavaScript
  5. Global Object, Window & GlobalThis
  6. Call function

Prototypes & Inheritance

  1. Prototype In Javascript
  2. Prototype Inheritance
  3. Instanceof


  1. Spread Operators


Javascript Reference

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