Complete Typescript Tutorial for Beginners

This Typescript Complete Guide covers the Typescript language. The Typescript is called the superset of javascript because it adds static types to the dynamically typed javascript. In this Tutorial, we have created simple and step-by-step tutorials for beginners to learn all the features of Typescript. 


This Tutorial is intended to help a newbie or beginner programmer to get started with Typescript. 


This Tutorial expects, that you have a good understanding of object-oriented programming concepts. It will help you to make the most of this book. The prior knowledge of basic JavaScript is useful, but not necessary.

Table of Content

Getting Started

  1. Introduction To TypeScript
  2. TypeScript Installation and Environment Setup
  3. TypeScript Hello World Example
  4. Enable Compile on Save in Visual Studio Code
  5. Syntax and Basic Rules

Typescript Basics

  1. Typescript Data Types
  2. Type Annotations
  3. Variable Declaration
  4. Identifiers & keywords
  5. Variable Scope
  6. Let, Var & Const
  7. Constants
  8. Type Inference
  9. Any Type


  1. String Data Type
  2. Template strings/Literal strings
  3. Tagged Templates
  4. String to Number


  1. Number Data Type
  2. NaN in Typescript
  3. Min, Max & Safe Values
  4. EPSILON & Floating Point Precision
  5. Infinity


  1. BigInt data type
  2. BigInt Vs Number


  1. Boolean Data Type

Null & Undefined

  1. Null
  2. Undefined
  3. StrictNullChecks
  4. Null Vs Undefined


  1. Object & Object Data Type

Special Types

  1. Never Type
  2. Void Type
  3. Unknown Type

Advanced Types

  1. Literal Type
  2. Union Types
  3. Intersection Types
  4. InstanceOf Type Guard
  5. Discriminated Unions/ Tagged Unions
  6. TypeOf
  7. Type Guards
  8. Nullable Types/ Non Nullable Types
  9. Type Assertions
  10. Typescript Enum

Typescript Operators

  1. Typescript Operators
  2. Arithmetic Operators
  3. Unary plus / Unary minus Operators
  4. Increment/Decrement Operators
  5. Comparison / Relational Operators
  6. Equality Operator / Strict Equality Operators
  7. Ternary Conditional Operators
  8. Logical Operators
  9. Bitwise Operators
  10. Assignment Operators
  11. Nullish coalescing operator
  12. Comma Operator in Typescript
  13. Operator Precedence

Flow Control Statements

  1. If, Else if & Nested If Statement
  2. Switch case statement
  3. Do While loop
  4. For Loop
  5. Break statement
  6. Continue statement

Compiler Configuration

  1. Strict Compiler Option
  2. NoImplicitAny


  1. Function Overloading / Method Overloading
  2. Type Aliases
  3. Optional Property
  4. Readonly Property
  5. Interface in Typescript
  6. Interface for function types
  7. Extending Interface
  8. Structural Typing & Duck Typing
  9. StrictPropertyInitialization

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