How to Run/Test Android App on Real device

This tutorial will guide you on how to set up your Android phone or tablet to run Mobile App on the real device. The Android Emulator allows us to create as many virtual devices with different configurations to test our Apps. But it always a good idea to test our app on the actual device to check how it works.

Run Android App on Real device

You need to follow these steps to make your Android Device ready so that you can test your App.

  1. Enable Developer Option
  2. Enable USB Debugging
  3. Install USB Drivers
  4. Connect the Device to Computer

Enabling Developer Option

To Enable USB Debugging, First, we need to enable Developer Option on the phone. Google since Android Version 4.2 has disabled the Developer Option. This was done so that people do not enable the USB Debugging Mode accidentally. Enabling USB Debugging Mode puts your device into the security risk.

For the devices with Android Version lower than 4.,2 the developer Option is already enabled.

To Enable the Developer Option to follow the steps

1. Go to settings and tap on About Phone / About Device or About Tablet Option

Go to Settings and Locate About Phone About Device or About Tablet

2. Tap on Software Info Option

Tap on Software Info Option

3. Locate Build Number and Tap on it seven times. You will see the message “You are now a developer” message. If the developer mode is already enabled then you will see the message “No need, developer mode has already been enabled”

Tap on Build Number 7 Times to enable Developer Option

Disable Developer option

In case you wish to disable the developer option you can go to Settings -> Application Manager. Select the Settings App. Select the Storage Option and clear the data. Note this will also reset your preferences within the settings menu.

Enable USB debugging

To enable USB Debugging, follow these steps

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Developer Options
  3. Goto USB Debugging Option and enable it
Enable USB Debugging in Android Phone

Enable Stay awake option

Under Settings -> Developer option enable the Stay awake option. This will ensure that the phone does not go to sleep mode while you are debugging the App

Install USB Drivers

You may be required to install the USB Drivers to connect your Android Phone to Computer. The USB Drivers can be downloaded from the Manufacturer’s website.

You can refer to the link  to download the USB Driver based on your phone

The Above article also lists how to Install the USB Driver

Connect the Device to Computer

There are two ways you can connect the device to the PC to debug the nativescript applications.

  1. Connecting Over USB
  2. Connecting Over Wi-Fi

Connecting over USB

This is the simplest way. The USB cable usually comes with the Mobile Phone and connect it the PC and you should be good to go

If the USB Debugging is enabled you will get a Message Allow USB Debugging?. Select Always Allow from the Computer. Click OK

Allow USB Debugging from this Computer

Connecting Over Wi-Fi

Connect your device on the same wifi network as that of PC

Find out the IP Address of the Device. There are two ways you can find out the IP address.

  1. Goto settings -> About Device
  2. Tap on Status. 


  1. Goto settings -> Wi-Fi
  2. Tap on the Wifi Network connected

Locate the adb.exe. The adb is known as Android Debug Bridge is the tool that lets us communicate with a device. This tool is located under the platform-tools folder under the Android SDK folder.

The Android SDK folder can be found out by type SET ANDROID_HOME command. goto the folder

Connecting Android Device Over Wifi

The adb is already running and listening on the USB port for the devices. To make it to listen to the TCP/IP Port number 5555 run the following command

Now, to connect the device run the following command

Replace the IP with the IP Address of your device.

To disable TCP/IP and enable the USB, run the command

To Find out the available devices

Run the App on Real Device

Now open the HelloWorld app, we created in the last tutorial and run tns run android. The App will be installed and run from the Device


In this tutorial, we learned how to run the NativeScript Android Application in Real Device.

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