How to download and Install Crystal Report Runtime

Learn how to download & install Crystal Report Runtime in this Tutorial. The SAP Crystal Report is the reporting tool that used to design reports both in web and desktop environment. The Sap Crystal report has gone through changes in name quite a few times and the current version is named SAP Crystal Reports, developer version for Microsoft Visual Studio. The last known name for the product was SAP Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010. You can go to Crystal Report Runtime download link and skip the introduction.

How to Create Crystal Report

We have a few how-to tutorials which take you through step by step process of creating the report using C#, ASP.NET, and ASP.NET MVC.

  1. How to Create Crystal Report using Visual Studio
  2. How to Create Crystal Reports in ASP.NET Webforms
  3. How to Create Crystal Report using ASP.NET MVC

What is Crystal Report Runtime

If you create an application using crystal report, then to run your Crystal Reports application you need to install the crystal report runtime engine on the target machine (Client machine). Crystal Report Runtime (Crystal Reports redistributable) has function and libraries which need to exist on the target PC without which reports won’t show up.

How to download

You should use the latest version as it contains bug fixes, security updates, etc. The following table contains the links to all versions of crystal reports.

Crystal Reports
Service Pack 30VS 2019 to VS 2010 SP 3032 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 29VS 2019 to VS 2010 SP 2932 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 28
Version 13.0.28
VS 2019 to VS 2010 SP 2832 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 27
Version 13.0.27
VS 2019 to VS 2010 SP 2732 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 26
Version 13.0.26
VS 2019 to VS 2010 SP 2632 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 25
Version 13.0.25
VS 2019 to VS 2010 SP 2532 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 24
Version 13.0.24
VS 2017 to VS 2010 SP 2432 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 23
Version 13.0.23
VS 2017 to VS 2010 SP 2332 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 22
Version 13.0.22
VS 2017 to VS 2010 SP 2232 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 21
Version 13.0.21

**Contains Breaking Changes
VS 2017 to VS 2010 SP 2132 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 20
Version 13.0.20
VS 2015 to VS 2010SP 20 32 Bit

64 Bit
Service Pack 19
Version 13.0.19
VS 2015 to VS 2010SP 19 32 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 18
Version 13.0.18
VS 2015 to VS 2010SP 18 32 Bit
64 Bit

How to Install Crystal Report runtime

Login to your PC with  administrator permissions, and do the following steps

Choose the appropriate version of the report that i.e. 64bit or 32bit depending on your application. Download the runtime from the above link and save it to a folder on your hard disk. Unzip the content.

Double click on the .msi file and in my case it is  CRRuntime_64bit_13_0_14.msi

You will see the welcome screen as shown below

Crystal Report runtime installation welcome screen
Crystal Report runtime installation welcome screen

Click on Next to continue.

This will take you to the License agreement.

Crystal Report License agreement
Crystal Report License agreement

Click on I Accept the License Agreement and click on next to proceed.

If the previous version of the runtime is installed on your Computer, then the warning screen will appear.  If you continue, the installer will upgrade the previous version to the new version.

Previous Installation Warning Message
Previous Installation Warning Message

Click on next to continue to upgrade.

This will take you to start installation screen

start installation screen
start installation screen

Click on Next to proceed

The installation begins and it will take several minutes to finish. At the end, you see the following screen.

Installation Completed
Installation Completed

Click on finish.

This will complete your installation of runtime. You can now run your crystal report application without any issues.

How to Include Runtime into your application setup

You can include the crystal report runtime in your application setup project. To do that you have to download the Merge Module (MSM).

A merge module is windows installer package, but cannot be installed on its own. It can be included in your visual studio setup project and create a single setup file which includes both your application and crystal report runtime.  You can then distribute the setup of your application. Then you don’t need to download and install the crystal report runtime separately at client Machine

You can refer to the article on how to include the Merge Module (MSM) in your setup project  from the following link Using Crystal Reports Merge Modules MSM to create a Setup project

33 thoughts on “How to download and Install Crystal Report Runtime”

  1. thank you so much after days trying to get the solution, i am finally able to see my report. the SP installation works like a charm, changing all reference to the latest version according to my VS solved. I was working on moving the app to an upgraded server OS . the error i was getting was BusinessObjects.Licensing.KeycodeDecoder.dll not found. from there i dig and tried till this came to mind. thanks really helpful.

  2. I see Crystal Reports is up to version Is there an SP31 for the Runtime Out yet or is SP30 version the latest?

  3. Hello ,
    I am getting the error while binding the report with data model using Visual Studio 2017 and SAP Crystal reports for visual studio 13.0.30

    ” Failed to Load database information
    The database connector ‘crdb_adoplus.dll’ could not by loaded. The correct version of the database client for this database might not be installed “

  4. I need to install crystal report on Lenel onguard access control system
    for attendance system . is it useful for attendance system

  5. helped I have installed the last version of crystal report when I want to create a report viewer in the form issue tells me that crystaldecisions.shared version=
    I have the latest framework installed
    and crystal runtime the same version of crystal report
    I have tried all thing but nothing solved

  6. I have Crystal Report V-12.0.2000.0 installed on my Windows-10 development machine, which were working good along with my VS-2010 till I have updated my Windows-10 to its latest version (20H2).
    It is not throwing any error however reports are not showing.
    Could you please help me out here? Thanks in advance.

  7. Hi, l cant run cryetal runtime report with arena simulation softwarem. Every time l am about to create a report,the windon shut down and re-start. it is weried and l don’t know why.
    COuld you help me with that?

  8. I have installed CRRuntime version: 13, on my machine. I have got text with Japanese font and want to export it as PDF, but instead of the Japanese font, I see boxes over there, I have investigated this issue and found that I should have Arial Unicode MS Font, I have also installed this font on my machine but still get the same issue, I am not able to figure out how to change font settings for CRRuntime. Any help will be appreciated.

  9. Please can anyone help me out from this error.

    “the type initializer for ‘CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocument’ Threw an exception”

    Getting this error on client machine.
    I have already installed
    Service Pack 20
    Version 13.0.20

    App. build on c# vs2015 4.5 .Net Framework.
    Report work fine on my machine.

    1. 1) Install Framework 3.5. in client PC. SP 20 requires it to run
      2) < startup useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy=”true” > to web/app config file

  10. Hi,
    Getting error message on client system.
    “The type initializer for ‘CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocument’ Threw an exception.

    My Application build environment.
    VS 2015 .Net Framework 4.5
    SAP Crystal Report 2013

    Also installed below sp in client machine.
    Service Pack 21 Version 13.0.21 Runtime

    1. “SAP Crystal Report 2013” is different from “SAP Crystal Reports, developer version for Microsoft Visual Studio”.

  11. Which ports are required by CR runtime version and above? I have opened all the normal SQL Server ports. A 3rd-party app doesn’t function correctly with the ‘private’ firewall on but works perfectly with it off. The 3rd-party vendor doesn’t have a clue!

  12. Using Windows 7 SP1 64bit.
    Installed Net Framework 4.5. Crystal Reports runtime Service Pack 27. VC 2015 C++ Redistributable.
    Getting error “System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: ‘Void System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.StructureToPtr(!!0, IntPtr, Boolean)’.at CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.DataSetConversion.DataSetConverter.Wrap(Object dataset, CrdbAdoPlusDelegate& adoPlusDelegate)”

  13. Hello, I am having problems installing Crystal Reports. During the installation an error occurs which says “Error 1904. Crystal Reports for .NET Framework 4.0 failed to register. HRESULT-2147024703. Contact your support personnel.” What you I do about it? Thanks

    1. Install
      1. NET Framework version 4.0,
      2. VC 2017 C++ Redistributable MSI
      3. Ensure that os is WIN 7 SP3 and above

    2. Uninstall all versions Crystal Reports
      Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistrributable
      Install .NET Framework > 4.0
      Install Crystal Reports

  14. Is there a minimum .NET version required for the Crystal Reports runtime Service Pack 27? I’m trying to use it in a C# application using .NET 3.5 and having difficulties compiling.

  15. senthan prasanth

    I have installed Crystal reports with Arena. While running the Arena simulation model to open up the reports its ask for the User ID and password

    1. TekTutorialsHub

      I Never heard of the Arena simulation model. so I won’t be able to help you.

      I think you should contact the vendor

  16. Hola buen día amigo, estoy teniendo problema con mi aplicación de escritorio al momento de realizar la distribución en las estaciones de trabajo que tienes sistema operativo de 64 bits aun cuando he cargado ambos .msi re tributable a la aplicación de VB20015, de echo he realizada la instalación del msi directamente en el cliente pero el error continua. sera que me puede orientar al respecto.

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