Visual Studio 2019 Community vs Professional Vs Enterprise

In this article, we will highlight what is the difference between Various versions of Visual Studio 2019 like Community Vs Professional, Professional Vs Enterprise & Community Vs Enterprise etc.

Editions of Visual Studio 2019

Visual Studio 2019 is available in three different editions

  1. Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition
  2. Visual Studio 2019 Professional Edition
  3. Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise Edition

Visual Studio 2019 Community edition

Visual Studio 2019 Community edition is free under the following conditions

  • It is free if you are an individual developer. You can use it to develop commercial applications and sell them.
  • It is free, if you are an organization and satisfies all of the following conditions
    •  if you have less than 250 PC
    • Your annual revenue is less one million U.S. dollars.
    • You are allowed to install it in the maximum of 5 PCs.

In both, the above cases the You must register your copy using a Microsoft Account.

Visual Studio 2019 Professional Vs Community

The Only difference between Professional Edition and Community Edition is the CodeLens feature. Using the CodeLens you can Find code changes and other histories. It tells what last changes were made to the file with reference history and who changed it

Visual Studio 2019 Professional Vs Enterprise

The Enterprise Edition is packed with many features compared to the Professional edition. Here is the list of features available only in Enterprise Edition. 

Integrated Development Environment

  1. Live Dependency Validation
  2. Architectural Layer Diagrams 
  3. Architecture Validation 
  4. Code Clone

Advanced Debugging and Diagnostics

  1. IntelliTrace
  2. Code Map Debugger Integration
  3. .NET Memory Dump Analysis

Testing Tools

  1. Live Unit Testing
  2. IntelliTest
  3. Microsoft Fakes (Unit Test Isolation)
  4. Code Coverage

Cross-platform Development

  1. Embedded Assemblies
  2. Xamarin Inspector
  3. Xamarin Profiler

Compare the Editions

Here is the comparison chart of Community Vs Professional Vs Enterprise. The table lists all features of the Visual Studio 2019

Supported FeaturesCommunity EditionProfessional EditionEnterprise Edition
Supported Usage Scenarios
Individual DevelopersYYY
Classroom LearningYYY
Academic ResearchYYY
Contributing to Open Source ProjectsYYY
Non-enterprise organizations,
for up to 5 users
[Enterprise organizations are defined as >250 PCs or > $1 Million US Dollars in annual revenue.]
Development Platform Support
[Windows Desktop, Universal Windows Apps, Web (ASP.NET), Office 365, Business Applications, Azure Stack, C++ Cross-Platform Library Development, Python, Node.js, .NET Core, Docker Tools]
Integrated Development Environment
Live Dependency ValidationY
Architectural Layer DiagramsY
Architecture ValidationY
Code CloneY
Peek DefinitionYYY
One-Click Web DeploymentYYY
Model Resource ViewerYYY
Visualize solutions with Dependency Graphs and Code Maps

Can open diagrams generated in other Visual Studio editions in read-only mode.
Advanced Debugging and Diagnostics
Code Map Debugger IntegrationY
NET Memory Dump AnalysisY
Code MetricsYYY
Graphics DebuggingYYY
Static Code AnalysisYYY
Performance and Diagnostics HubYYY
Snapshot DebuggerY
Time Travel Debugging (Preview)Y
Testing Tools
Live Unit TestingY
Microsoft Fakes (Unit Test Isolation)Y
Code CoverageY
Unit TestingYYY
Cross-platform Development
Embedded AssembliesY
Xamarin InspectorY
Xamarin ProfilerY
Remoted iOS Simulator for WindowsYYY
Share code between Android and iOS with XamarinYYY
Native iOS and Android UI DesignersYYY
Collaboration Tools and Features
PowerPoint StoryboardingYYY
Code ReviewYYY
Task Suspend/ResumeYYY
Team Explorer (third-party development tools support)YYY
Visual Studio Live ShareYYY


  1. Compare Editions
  2. Download and install Visual Studio 2019
  3. Visual Studio Roadmap

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